One Tool, Multiple Uses

TestimonialUse iList Data to create a wide variety of data management solutions ranging from simple to do lists to ambitious multimedia catalogs.

Gather, browse, and manage your data whether it be student grades, product inventories, research data, or a Web-hosted catalog of holiday snapshots.

iList Data is optimized for working with text, number, URL, file path, and image data. The software also supports the date and time fields required for calendaring solutions.

User Designed Windows

Build custom dialogs for creating, editing, and finding records.

No user interface design experience is required since the software automatically aligns and positions each interface element to always look its best.

iList Data supports authentic Mac OS X interface elements plus dedicated controls for setting dates, times, colors, and image thumbnails.

TestimonialAnd browsing databases in iList Data constitutes a true multi window user interface experience, complete with resizable palettes, movable edit dialogs, and multiple interface setups that can be recalled with a single keystroke.

Apple iLife Integration

Import and catalog your images in iList Data and then send them at moment's notice to iPhoto 5 for further processing, publishing, and presentation.

As you catalog your images, take full advantage of iList Data's support for customizable fields, user-created record editors, and advanced find and sort modes.

Calculations and Summaries

Manipulate and present data on-the-fly.

iList Data supports a full suite of text, number, date, and time functions plus built-in help by example support for each.

In addition to on-the-fly calculations, quickly sum or average column values with one click.

Ten Find Modes

TestimonialThat's right. Ten different ways of searching for data.

Design your own find dialogs or use the powerful Find By Value window to uncover value patterns, ranges, and prevalences.

With one click, navigate across related tables or return all of the records which match a selected value.

Speed Browsing

Imagine browsing thousands of records at a time. iList Data's speed browse feature retrieves thousands of records in only a few seconds, making iList Data the ideal choice for working with large data sets.

Enhanced SQL Editing

Edit standard query language search strings directly in iList Data.

Use the dedicated Find Via SQL editor to build powerful find queries that incorporate AND, OR, NOT, and LIKE searches.

For database newbies, the SQL editor features built-in help by example support. Or steer clear of SQL and rely solely on the remaining nine user-friendly find modes.

Bookmarks and History List

TestimonialWhat good is a powerful find engine if you can't quickly return to a recent or favorite search?

iList Data borrows a feature or two from the Web browser. The software incorporates a History menu that lists recent searches and a Bookmarks menu that lists favorite and commonly used searches.

Batch Editing Modes

Batch edit multiple records at the same time.

Design custom batch editing dialogs. Auto number fields to create custom sort orders. And call on the powerful Edit Conditional window to perform multiple edits on multiple record sets with one click.

Inline and Pop-up Editing

True to its namesake, iList Data supports multiple pathways for editing values in list view, including direct inline editing plus checkbox and pop-up editing via keywords.

Use the arrow and tab keys to quickly navigate within and between records using the keyboard alone.

Inline and Summary Graphs

TestimonialVisualize your data using iList Data's enhanced graphing features.

Graph data inline in list view. Create dot, line, bar, and fill graphs to view number values graphically.

Customize the look of summary graphs. Copy graphs to the clipboard for pasting in word processing and illustration applications.

Microsoft Office Integration

Quickly send a table of data to Microsoft Office X or 2004.

iList Data seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word's data merge tool to create reports, mailing labels, form letters and other data merge documents.