Multimedia Cataloging

iList Data is much more than a general purpose database. The software also features dedicated tools for cataloging, browsing, and processing multimedia files and other documents.

Import photos and other media and then view them as thumbnails, full sized images, and slideshows.

Take full advantage of iList Data's extensive find and sort modes as you tag and bookmark your favorite images and documents.

File Path Operations

Import dozens of file properties, including file size, creation date, label, and image width and height.

Launch, reveal, copy, move, trash, delete, and set the properties of files. Tag broken paths that no longer point to files. Log and archive all of the actions you perform on files.

Dynamically rename files using the field values of the records themselves. For example, "Image [Record].jpg" can rename a series of files in sequence according to their record numbers.

Window Sets

iList Data features dedicated palettes for viewing images, graphs, and reports. The visibility, size, and location of these palettes can be saved as window sets.

Arrange the iList Data interface to best meet your needs. Create a window set that features a large image palette for viewing photos full size. Create another window set that features a full screen record list window. Instantly switch between the two window sets with the press of a number key.

Dynamic Keyword Lists

Create an unlimited number of keyword lists for rating, tagging, and categorizing assets. A single keyword list can be assigned to any number of fields.

In addition to storing non-changing values, keyword lists can look up values on-the-fly. Present users with up-to-date value lists that are derived from the database itself. Add an "Other..." item to allow users to assign a new value.

Web-hosted Image Catalogs

In addition to its extensive file path support, iList Data can also function as a Web browser for viewing images on the Web.

Build - and then share with friends and family - a Web powered image catalog - complete with JPEG thumbnails, on-the-fly calculations, and fully indexed data. Link each record to a full sized image that is hosted at a Web site.

Whenever a record is selected, iList Data streams its image directly into the Image palette.

Database Templates

iList Data ships with ten database templates - including an image catalog - and still more are under development. Each includes a description and screenshot.

All of the templates are ready to use as is, but they can also be customized and studied as each showcases a different iList Data strength.

In addition to modifying the provided templates, create your own templates for personal use or sharing with others.