User Designed Record Editors

Quickly design windows for creating, browsing, editing, batch editing, and finding records. iList Data relies on genuine Mac OS X interface elements including text, date, time, and paragraph fields, pop-up menus, list boxes, numerical/time sliders, calendar widgets, color swatches, and image canvases.

Build custom windows by setting various interface options in table view. iList Data automatically aligns and positions each interface element to always look its best. At any time, click on the Show Mockup button to view your interface design as it will appear to users.

In addition to editing one (or more) records in record view, harness the power of iList Data's Edit Conditional window. With one click, edit multiple found record sets by performing a different set of actions on each. Preface, append, and trim text. Apply numerical functions and generate random numbers. Move data across fields. Apply a set of operations to the same record set in sequence.

iList Data can also auto-number a sequence of records, perfect for creating a custom slideshow order.